Friday, September 30, 2005

neighbors, mostly

We have new neighbors! A lady with her dog! She is very nice, keeps asking us if she is too loud and wants to be a good neighbor. I don’t tell her that the only way not to be loud in this stinking place is to cease existing. We hear her walking, and she is tiny so we really should not hear her. I am thankful that the dog is smaller and that she has no little hellions to run around and awake my precious.
She has a daughter and son in law that are close to our age, so maybe a new friendship … but unlikely. I did bake them muffins on moving day so that should give me some … brownie points. I am pretty sure they think that I am either a drug addict or am being abused. Remember the evil nurse who couldn’t find mud a vein? Well because of her I now have a huge bruise on my arm, that sort of looks like fingerprints. If she noticed the needle wholes then I am a drug addict, if not then my husband is a brute. Or maybe it is all in my head.
Update: The lady is a nurse, moved from the cold state of Michigan, and is an absolute doll. Unmarried I assume. I had her over for tea and brownies and Baby V loved her. She also baked us cookies, delicious, and the tiny bit I gave Baby V will keep him awake right up till dinnertime. The joys of sugar!
I am a little bit stuck on a Halloween costume for Baby V. Should I even get one? Do babies go trick a treating? I don’t think so. Plus we can’t decide what we want him to be. I would love a little dragon but DH is very much opposed. We can both agree on a pirate but there are no pirate costumes for 24 month olds (he is 10 but fits in 24 depending the fit).
Oh we also have a second tooth in sight and a third one will soon make an appearance judging by the head banging.
Baby V is obsessed with his weight. If given a choice he would rather weigh himself on the scale then play with his toys, or if the scale is not available he does weight training with DH’s dumbbells (I’ll post pictures as soon as DH returns the camera).
I am going to NY on Saturday to hang out and do the cheap dinner thing with Miss EL and maybe MR. And MRS. AM. Cannot wait for Saturday to get here! Sort of hate the weather, I wont be able to show off my new ‘true nature’ shirt because of all the warm layers.
And this is def. OT but here goes, my grandfather just had the 5th surgery this year, he has cancer. He has had 2 heart attacks from all the surgeries. They are waiting for his heart and body to heal a little before they start chemo. I am sad and scared that he won’t see Baby V this summer. He sounded sort of happy on the phone today when I called but talked to me less then a minute before handing the phone to grandma. Guess I just need to put that out there for my sake.
Don’t know what other trivial stuff I want to write about, but if I think of anything you will be the first to know.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Moving Target

So I went to get my blood drawn for the thyroid test. I get there and take a number. I already don’t like the setup; somehow having my name called makes it so much more personal. Anyway, after a 30-minute wait they usher me in to a room. Sit me in one of those adult high chairs for taking blood. You know the kind, high with tray on both sides and a panel that keeps you from jumping out while they stab you. Hint; when a nurse spends 10 minutes trying to find a vein, it is not a good sign of things to come. So the Stupid Nurse pokes me twice in my right arm. Every time she does it she starts moving the needle around, underneath my skin, trying to hit a, ‘moving target’. This hurts like hell. After what hurts for an eternity she gives up, please keep in mind she got like no blood from all this. She goes to the Dr. and complains about my small veins. She COMPLAINS! Like I can do anything about them! The Dr. comes in takes my other arm sticks a needle in draws a shipload of blood, all without saying a word, then says goodbye. Next time I am asking for the Dr. to take care of my tiny veins, no more moving target for me. So my right arm is becoming one big bruise, while my left hardly hurts.
When I got home I listened for a minute at the bedroom window, just in case there was a lot of screaming going on. My plan was simple; if I hear screaming I am driving away and having breakfast somewhere quiet. But no screaming was going on it was eerily quiet. I rushed inside and saw my handsome son standing up on a very tired daddy and trying to choke him with DH’s gold chain. Very funny! I think it was the happiest I have seen both of them in about a week. We all had a nice breakfast and then a walk by the beach. Now Baby V is sleeping (for like 5 more minutes) ad then we start with lunch. Hopefully DH gets back from his motorcycle ride (he call is exercise to keep his cholesterol down) in time to take Baby V on his evening walk and I can clean floors.

Speaking of evening walks, we have a boat show at out beach for the weekend. The parking is crazy and I think I wanted to kill a couple of the people directing traffic. They all tried to get me to park in various open spots when I tried to leave, it would have been funny if they didn’t feel inclined to jump in front of the car while waving. How do I explain to people that I do not want to see boats I just want to go home!

Now on to our neighbors: We think new people are moving in upstairs because that little lock box, the one the realtor take the key out of when showing apt.) Is gone. Either the place is rented, or the same guy/girl who took DH’s motorcycle cover and chain stole the box. The little theft alone will cost us another $200, and remember I am still on probation. DH thinks the thief was our neighbor downstairs she always want everything looking pretty and that cover was dirty and nasty. Why he would take the chain I don’t know, it looked entirely respectable, maybe to teach us a lesson. The reason we think it is she, she ‘noticed’ it missing and knew about the can hidden under it. Besides what thief would take an old torn $20 cover?

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Random thing:
So Baby V is screaming, I am waking up and trying to ignore because I know that husband is still awake watching TV. Baby V continues to scream, I get mad! I fling off the covers and discover, husband sleeping. I still can’t believe he didn’t wake me up when he finally went to bed, good deep sleep.
So Angie came down on Sunday with her family. She brought apple brownies, I made a cake, and we ordered pizza. The boys played. Everyone drank and had a good time. Angie even brought me my beloved Baileys. Baby L is so cute and he smiled so bright when he saw Baby V. Baby V was happy too. He screamed for maybe like 20 minutes during the entire visit. The two babies even cuddled together, Hans got the good pictures. Baby L, I hear, rewarded his parents with a massive poop when they got home, a sign of things to come. After they left we had a good day, with walks, and smiles, and happiness. I finished off the pizza and apple brownies (what’s that you say, diet? What diet?). This is the part of the story that I might get slightly wrong but from what I understand during the night and most of next day all four of us got very close and personal with our bathrooms. DH and I were lucky because I spent a lot of time cleaning our bathroom before the visit. I don’t think anyone but DH threw up, but you get the idea. So we all had three things in common, pizza, cake and brownies. Now I am pretty sure I might have been sick from the brownies and not because there was something wrong with them but because I ate the entire container. Everyone else, I am somewhat sad to say, got sick from my cake. How cruel for something that looked good to be so bad. So if you visit take care not to consume cake. At least cake shaped into the form of half a mutant pumpkin.

I NEED a phone call! Give it to me! I know you have one!

Oh the horror of being a stay at home mom with no income to contribute to the growing needs of family. I am now on credit card and cell phone probation. You see I maxed out my credit card, and went over the limit so we have a fine. That was on scolding session you should be glad you missed. Then the phone bill came in and it is $200. This is when my usual talking to costs about $60. So the scolding turned to plain out yelling. So I am going through serious shopping withdrawal and talking withdrawal. It leaves me quivering on the floor sucking a pacifier, SERIOUSLY! Good thing there is no such thing as Internet probation, unless of course the child gets hurt while I type up my blog, then bye-bye computer, hello dishes.

So the teacher of the year is back and I NEED to talk t her but can’t. The thing is, though, every time I do get her on the line I am in a rush to hang up. Maybe it is the nagging, but I don’t know. You see she has plenty to nag me about because Aunt Flow has been visiting again, 5 weeks now, and I am ON the pill. So she is thinking up stories about how I will never have more children (knock on wood) and die. Never fear, though, I am going to get my thyroid tested tomorrow at 8am. If that comes back normal I am begging for an u/s because I want Auntie to go away, she is a major pain of a relative.

Now on to good news! We are christening Baby V in November in Boston. Mrs. AM and Mr. RM will act as godparents. Miss EL will be honorary godparent and favorite Aunt. Everyone will get his or her picture taken for V’s photo album, so that he can look through it and remember everyone. Visits would also help because as I have mentioned I am in withdrawal and need support, the same goes for comments and e-mail, lots of glorious e-mail.

The funniest thing Baby V does is with the pacifiers. If he ‘finds’ two of them he will be stuck for hours. You see he can never decide which of the two he want to suck on, even if they are the same, so he keeps switching them. It is hilarious how serious he is. This switching is like an important project that requires all his concentration. Funny!

The somewhat bad news is that Baby V woke up last night with the sniffles. His nose was running and so he could not sleep with the pacifier because, well he needed to breathe. So for a while he kept waking up. The silver lining to this story is that finally I smarted up and rocked him to sleep without the pacifier. I think that was the best sleep he had in 3 weeks. He did wake up for a 2 am bottle and then again for a 4am one. At 6:40 he started fussing and because he was breathing okay I gave him a bottle and he slept till 8:30. I think today we might try the sleeping with no pacifier again. I like it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Cleaning up + Baby V 9 months stats

I have critics coming down on Sunday, oh fine they are not critics but actually very dear friends (from popping paradise) but I will be cleaning this pigsty like they were the toughest house critics. I also like to pretend, when I have to clean, that a photographer is coming to take a picture of our bathroom, it helps me accept the need to clean and not throw it on the back burner.
Speaking of my bathroom, please enter with eyes closed and nose shut; I might need to hire a professional to tackle it. Seriously, something exploded in there and it isn’t pretty. When I pay my mom to clean it she actually gets down on all fours and scrubs for hours, no wonder she is starting to refuse to come visit maybe I should pay her more. I can get down on all fours but I might not be able to move after I do so, experience with Baby V confirms this, so how do I clean. Is there a special drop cloth I can use to temporarily cover the room?
Actually despite the cleaning, you know I will think of some way out of it, I am looking forward to the visit. We get to see Baby L again, and we love his cute little but to little pieces, and most importantly we get to see Angie. Granted this time we aren’t going to shop our husbands into the black hole of debt but we should still have fun. Oh and even my DH gets a treat, Angie’s DH is coming down as well. Oh what a merry group we’ll be. We can’t decide what to do, DH is working but he can usually pry himself away when he wants to (he does go to the bathroom of no return so I know he can). First we wanted to go to the beach, but it would cost $20, and then … well actually we ran out of ideas after the Beach. We might have to be happy just sitting around, or going for a walk, and watching the kids interact.
I am baking a cake in the shape of a pumpkin; the guests will be my guinea pigs, and maybe brownies for backup. Unlike Angie, who does her baking from scratch and makes homemade food for Baby L, I will be using all boxed ingredients. I actually do know how to make things from scratch but I find it takes time away from more important stuff, like playing Nightlife the new expansion pack for The Sims 2. I am a looser, but I think they love me anyway. I might show off and buy some organic chicken and totally make Baby V fresh soup, but don’t count on it.
Along with all the frantic cleaning I will be doing frantic laundry as well. So Shannon I will be rocking the hot pink ensemble for the next two days, send you laughter this way please. So yes laundry, no only is the bed getting clean sheets but the high chair is being hosed down as well. I hate to do it, but I love Angie and her family enough. It might not be perfect, I might not get to a lot of the things I want to do, but I will try.
Now for Baby V 9 ½ month stats;
He had perfect ears at this check up, and hated being put down on their horrid little tables; he knows what happens to babies on them. Anyway, he is 27.8lbs and 30 ¼ inches. He is perfectly normal and healthy as a horse. He is above average so the Dr. said to bolt down everything and be careful with things like baby gates, because he just might knock it over. Baby V cruises his room now with surprising ease, he is not standing unsupported yet but we have fun trying. When I first started to stand him up and take away all support he tried to balance but then he discovered that falling on mom face first is a lot more fun. So no more balancing, now we just fall and giggle our heads off. Baby V also claps, and boxes (with help), and bites (with tooth). He is the cutest thing I ever did see, right up there with Baby L.
The Teacher of the Year is away in London right about now. By the time I see her it will be 3 weeks that she has not helped us out. That actually translates to 3 weeks of poor nights sleep for me, but 3 weeks of total rest for her. She claims that she will miss Baby V and I sort of believe her. If she really loved me she would have never wanted to go on her first romantic trip with my dad in 14 years. The last one they took was to America and I was with them.
Oh how much I want to sleep like Baby V, in the dark and silent room. DH has been doing less of his helping and more of the yelling. I think it has to do something with his boss being in town and him actually needing to work and not run around with Baby V. Of course as soon as he stops helping he stops eating, but that is his choice to make.
Almost forgot to ask, anyone know of any tasty organic pasta? So far I don’t like what I am eating, but maybe someone knows of delicious pasta that has no harmful additives.
Have to go clean now, see you next week.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

the post about Birthdays

Okay Girls you should be proud of me! I went to store and got myself some jeans and a shirt. Look totally hot, with gut sucked in, and spent less then $50. Husband saw me rocking the Non-maternal ware and said, ‘Wow nice!’ If you hear anything rocking stay the fuck away. By the way the pants are such ‘heel’ pants that I might have to invest in some rocking ‘sex’ boots, Miss EL any ideas? I have a question. When people look at apartment in buildings with other apartment why do they have the urge to park behind a parked car when there is perfectly good empty space NEXT to that car? Why must I ask no less then 3 times, today alone, for people to move their car? Finally, why do complete strangers feel it is okay to knock on my door and ask me the information about the apartment being rented? I do not know anything! I don’t even know how much I pay. Besides, there is a perfectly good phone number on the sign outside, USE it! When Baby V is awake I have no problems in not opening the door at all, but when he is sleeping the last thing I need is someone banging on my door (seriously the 4 ppl to do this have kept on knocking even if there are no cars outside).
DH has been doing the ‘nice’ thing lately. If he is not working or sleeping he will pretty much do everything with Baby V that I ask of him. I even have the laundry back from the land of the lost. I have continued to feed him 3 times a day and have been including desert. Shush, I do not need him to loose weight faster then me; it is all in my master plan.
I feel really badly for being a scatterbrain. DH just reminded me that we got a fabulous card from Miss MS for our anniversary; the thing is I don’t think I even sent a thank you. And Miss MS puts me to shame ever few months or so, she remembers EVERYTHING about us and lives up in Canada. I love her to death but I have missed her Birthday on too many occasions to count, I might have to do a big make up gift (any ideas), and if you ask me the anniversary of her and M getting together … well I have no idea. I try writing these things into my calendar, but I don’t even know what day it is much less a date. My hotmail account keeps yelling about birthdays, but I just sail on by them without even looking. This year alone I have missed 5 birthdays. I think I might need to tattoo all the important dates on my ever-growing ass, at least then DH would remember them all ;).
Ok gtg, DH is walking child and I need to frantically wash the floors before they come back and ask me WTF have I been doing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

They are coming!

Baby V has been doing an interesting thing lately. He will crawl around and then drop down and grind him cute little face into the floor, pushing and pressing HARD! Every time he does it I wonder if the next time he comes up he will have excavated a tunnel. I expect to seep bits of wood flooring between his gums any day now.
Today of course the reason for some of the winning and the excavating, and biting is obvious. We have the top of a bottom tooth out. The razor sharpness is surprising. I can definitely wait to have a full mouth of razor sharp fangs dig into my sensitive skin. I guess I am lucky that they waited this long to start coming out, although I do expect all of them to show up tomorrow around 2pm before the last nap.
This post also reminds me to chain down Baby V long enough to clip those talons of his.He is still climbing and cruising but has made no attempt to stand on his own, THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS. I do not want to think of the mischief he will be able to get into once walking is achieved. One day soon I am going to have to sit down, turn off ‘The Sims 2’ and write down the dates of all his accomplishments. I even know how I will find out when he reached all the milestones; they are in the mass e-mails I sent everyone. All I have to do is comb through about 800 e-mails of ‘yeah that’s cool, 8 sounds fine” to reach the 5 that I need. All my fault for not writing it down as it happened. Got to go and sleep, already counting less the 5 hours until Baby V wakes up and this is not good.

OT E-mail
Me: Mrs. AM hates me! She does not call or write.
Miss EL: AM’s been in Europe the last two weeks, silly.
Me: No excuse! She should have been writing and sending post cards every day if she loved me! I am THAT important! And btw you missed 2 post cards last month, See to it that you make up your failure to properly worship me with RED SOX outfits for the mighty BABY V.
Miss EL: Oh wonderful ruler I will immediately send out 10 postcards and 5 cute socks for you and the glorious child that is Baby V!
Me: See to it that you do.

Draw your weapons

So despite the streak of wonderful that my DH has been having I still have a few complains. Two actually. They can easily be titled, laundry and garbage.
The dry laundry has been sitting in the basement in the dryer for a week now, no exaggerating. A week of periodic nagging, actually I even FORGOT about it and was just extremely confused as to why Baby V had 10 less onsies then before. How did I forget? Refer to my promise not to nag and my mom’s decision to dry everything on a rack this weekend. So today my nagging about laundry resumes with a vengeance and you might hear the fight around noon. Dive for cover! Some of you will think, ‘get your fat ass down the stairs and get the damn laundry yourself, stop making the man do it!’ … Um NO. I am prohibited from lifting laundry even a little bit, and am actually breaking like 3 Dr order by even washing the clothes in the first place. I technically should not be lifting Baby V either, but he cries, laundry does not.

The garbage is an incredibly painful part of my life. The truck with the nice people who wave at Baby V and sometimes dance for his amusement comes only once a week. In a single week I fill about 4 garbage bags full of stinky disgusting trash that in no way should come near Baby V. One garbage can, by some rules of physics, cannot hold 4 bags of trash and so the 3 displaced bags must be stored somewhere for a minimum of 3 days. The ‘where’ has been debated rather heatedly over the last 4 or 5 months (before crawling this was not an issue). There is a school near us with a huge container for garbage and I ask DH to drop off the bags during the night when his shift either ends or begins at 2am. He usually forgets. I then resort to my favorite place right beside the door, so everywhere DH goes in or out he is reminded of the garbage. Plus Baby V is not allowed near the door so the chance of him rummaging through broken glass and used syringes is small. This gets DH very mad and he repeatedly slams door against the bags to make some sort of point and demands that I move them. I ask him where he would like them to be and he suggests our bedroom. One day I will listen to him and stack the rotting garbage by his side of the bed with the air conditioner turned up (I sleep close to the AC).
I will never understand this lack of action on his part. His only jobs around the house are the dryer filling and emptying, and the garbage! Is it so hard to remember garbage days and laundry baskets. I don’t ask him to wash dishes after himself, or wash the floors after he is done walking them in dirty sneakers with Baby V trailing. I only ask him to do the things I CAN NOT. I know I do a lot of the things on my list of Don’ts but most of them are necessary, and would be done badly by DH, but dryer and garbage are so simple Baby V could do them if he possessed the upper body strength and height.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Thirsty turtle is SO back

So I just posted an insane amount in one day. Mostly because I have a lot to say on this Monday, and I need to post when I have too many thoughts, otherwise it could get ugly.
Let me start out by telling you about the lunch with Mrs. SC and Mr. JC. It was fantabulous. SC and I had a lobster roll (oh yes I am a famous copy cat when it comes to food) and it was delicious with plenty of lobster. We had a good talk and a good time. I made fun of DH when he asked JC what his name was. I am still making fun of him. DH is mad because he was asking if JC’s name was short for anything, never implying that he forgot what his name was. So do I even have the right to make fun … yes I do, it is in the vows.
Then of course Sunday was the wedding. We arrived on time and had a chance to take in all the wonderful scenery. The wedding was at a winery overlooking the Hudson River. The bride looked fantastic, very elegant, and extremely happy. The groom was just beaming from start to finish. The food was good, the open bar was great (mmmm Baileys) and the dancing was awesome. I even got DH to join in for a couple of dances; of course I was out on the dance floor as soon as they let us out. I was planning on saying a lot more but I am dealing with a slight hangover and a jammed space key so words don’t come easy.
Just a thought, anyone planning on visiting soon, can bring Baileys if they want, the delicious goodness is irresistible. I can’t get any myself because to go to a liquor store would require me to bring Baby V and I have not sunk that low, yet. So Miss EL you are overdue for a visit, bring laundry and Baileys and I will provide the washing machine, food, and glasses with ice.

The post with the most random facts

Take THAT Teacher of the Year! Baby V is clapping with wild abandon now, with only like a day of coaching. He will sit in his high chair and clap away; making feeding a tricky and messy endeavor. He has also waved goodbye/hello/leave me alone, to Dad and Mom like three times. So on the day he turned 9months he waved, and on the day school starts in Russia he clapped, I am SO rubbing it in when he actually goes to school.

Did I ever tell you that I got through the worst of my back labor by singing Russian Three Musketeer songs? What do you mean only 10 times in the last 9 months? You must not visit me often enough, visit more. And how dare you say that your parents are sick of hearing about it and I should forget their number and house address! I’ll just march myself right down there and sing off key RIGHT NOW! Anyway these are the very songs Baby V now listens to while swallowing small sharp objects. These were the first songs he ever heard before he reluctantly go out of me. And he seems to like them, it also may be his excitement at all the attention he gets while they are playing, or it can also be my off key singing.

We also must address the crawling issue. Baby V now lifts his tummy off the floor more often, there goes my no work dust mop, and goes around in circles. I will be sitting in the middle of his room and Baby V will crawl relentlessly around me. He will do this nonstop for at least 10 or 15 minutes until I break down and laugh. Once he has me laughing Baby V will usually try to climb me and eat my face. Ah progress! Make is stop. I do love it though.

And what about the head banging? I have seen it before from Miss EC but I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now but all kids do it. What they do, those childless will want to know, is sit with their back to the wall and bang their heads against the wall, repeatedly without crying. If parental figure does not intervene I think it could go on forever escalating in magnitude. I think it might be the sound a skull against wall makes that amuses them so. One of the more disturbing facets of life with children. Right after poop painting and food throwing.
Speaking of poop did you know that it is necessary to wash off a BM diaper in the toilet before disposing of it? What do you mean you did? You actually read the damn label on the diaper package? So smart!

My laptop keeps crashing as I try to upload 136 pictures to yahoo. After it restarts Yahoo insists I download their drag and drop thingy, that I have downloaded like a thousand times now. So I have to quit out of my account and go to the administrators account an download and install. Then come back and start downloading. Then the computer crashes and I am back to step one. Maybe I should just upload one by one, better pictures that way too. Okay bye now going to go and do the 130 pictures by hand, unless anyone has a better idea. Here is a link to the pictures.
I think this post might be a tad long, just a tad.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Choose your poison

Okay, going to wedding this Sunday. The fabulous Mrs. JN … wait it is now fabulous Mrs. JB is getting married to Mr. AB, and might I say that I was there when they first met in a very non-romantic atmosphere (college, class of the Worst Teacher of HRM in the World who gave us A’s). My problem is what to wear! As you know I am not anywhere near the shape I want to be in, no shape at all as a matter of fact, so buying something is out of the question, also no malls or acceptable clothing stores in our vicinity. So I have 3 interesting choices. Please cast your vote.

The last is a linen skirt with a linen tank and a jacket. The jacket and tank have embroidery type of design on the edge. All in somber brown colors, the top being beige and the bottom, I can’t tell. (C)

First there is the outfit Miss El and Mrs. AM got me at old navy. The top has a butterfly at the front and the skirt is a bit pleated and all very pretty. Makes me look like I have a shape but was also purchased as a going out outfit, not wedding. (A)

Then in the middle is my maternity party outfit. This is what I wore at Mrs. AM wedding. The top showcases my great rack and the bottom is just a plain long black skirt. (B)

So please vote. Vote NOW.

Oh and my mother is bringing down a shirt that is all bows and girly purples, I’ll post pic when I have it.
Love you to pieces,

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I know this will Jinx it but I have to tell you! My DH has been a star this week. The man played with Baby V, changed his fair share of dirty dippers, fed the kid, and put him down for a nap or 8, and he did the nighttime routine like 3 times! I have never had it so good. In exchange he has been getting; no complaining from me, and 3 full service meals a day, sometimes night. To top off the week Baby V woke up at 7:45am and sat for 15 minute happily chirping along. Of course he is now banging on the crib bars with his pacifier, much like a prisoner with a tin cup against his prison cell bars, and blowing raspberries into the air. BRB got to do some naptime intervention. Okay, he is down, I hope. I have a feeling that this lovely day will bring the end to my helpful honey and sweet tempered Baby V. Good things just do not last.
In other news:
The ‘Teacher of the Year’ is coming down for the long weekend tomorrow. Yes, my mother. She is bringing down SC’s mom, so on Saturday the husbands and the wives (me and SC DUH) are going out to lunch sans kids. I am beyond excited. Of course on Sunday is MRS JN wedding. I STILL have no clue what to wear. I will post pics up tomorrow and let you decide for me.
My mother was telling me how the kids in her daycare center all know how to wave goodbye, and clap. Baby V is just starting to sort of wave, because we have just started to teach him. She is all worried that he is behind developmentally and is making me a bit mad, even if she is teacher of the year. But I was thinking that of course those kids know how to wave, they say goodbye to their parents ever day and then goodbye to their teachers every night, all that waving has got to settle in the brain pretty quickly. Baby V has basically never had to say goodbye on a daily basis, daddy is always home and so is mommy why say goodbye? As for the clapping, that would be might fault. I never bother to teach him, I just started and he is making progress, because I am not the biggest fan of manic clapping while DH is sleeping, unless I am mad.
So to recap; good DH, good Baby V, time away from Baby V, screw the waving and clapping. Although I have to say when I see Mrs. SC’s baby do the wave and the clap my heart melts away!
Thanks Miss EL for that wonderful comment about the lost $5. And I am beyond thrilled for you and the past weekend! If you move to, you know where, I will so definitely visit you and leave Baby V and go off to explore that rocking nightlife, you know who, was talking about. ;)
Wednesday was our 4-year wedding anniversary and DH even said he wanted to celebrate, but we decided Saturday would be our celebration. He also went to INS for an interview to make his green card 100% valid, but apparently they needed me there also. The thing is they never told DH that. Not in any single piece of paper was I (spouse) mentioned! I hate them. This should have been done 2 years ago, in another year he might as well file for citizenship! Bastards! Of course when he came home he snuggled with Baby V and said that he was the happiest man on earth and that Baby V was perfect. I love this man.