Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am staying in Boston and have no reliable internet, which is why there have been no updates.
Baby V has had a hard time adjusting but is doing very well now.
He has began to repeat the movements for, 'the wheels on the bus ...'
He also says Mama very clearly but often referring to a frog and duck.
He walks short distances but crawls long ones.
He is a genius.
I am getting treatment from the chiropractor who thinks that the pain could be coming from a twisted pelvis (?????????????) and that she can correct the twist in 8 to 10 sessions at $46 each.
I miss DH and shopping and the security of husband having a job.
I miss Mrs Angie M and Mrs AM and well everyone.
I can not wait for the 21st when Miss MS from Canada is coming.
We are also spending New Years in Boston, partying with Miss EL and Mrs AM and their significant others.
Have to go now.

Monday, December 05, 2005


So it is that time of year again. The holidays are upon us. I am torn about presents. Do I get them for everyone, no one, only close friends? If I decide not to get anyone anything, you know no income and all that, do I tell people and ask them not to bother with me? Or is that too presumtious (sp?) of me ... Like I thought they might want to get me something but it never even crossed their mind and yet here I am asking them not to? Advice?
I was actually thinking of getting the people I am going to see something edible, and then casually mention on my Blog that if anyone wants to get me something they can buy a tree ornament after Christmas, you know the 50% sale and all that, that they love. As a new family we have no tree decorations and I think it would be nice in the future to point to each ornament and say, "This was from (insert name) on your 2nd Birthday"
Can you believe that this is really his second holiday season? I can't.
So what do you think internet?

I am so sneaky ... Ahem ... Right.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


We bought a house. DH and I are the proud parents of a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath split level home with a 2 car garage and a finished basement. The property line is not marked so I see plenty of arguments with neighbors about the picnic table and leaves.

Also Baby V turned 1. He had an organic apple muffin with icing. He put his hands in the icing and started crying. He hates the sticky feeling. We wiped off the icing and gave him a plain muffin, he gobbled it up and then asked for seconds. Very sweet. The picture is from the morning when Baby V was looking through THE picture album.

After the muffin eating DH and I took his motorcycle up to the new house. On the way a Bus tried to run me over but otherwise we got there fine. Also moved in all the fine china and my books. After that we went to Lowes and bought all our appliances, but we are getting the stove and dryer on the 17th with gas hook up on the 19th so eating microwave food till then.

We still have a shit load to pack, and I am getting anxious, but that is not stopping me from spending time in front of the screen ... Writhing to you.