Tuesday, November 29, 2005


OH GOD! Tomorrow we wake up at 7am, drive to see if the house changes have been made, drive to sign a shit load of papers, get keys, drive to sears, pick out a refrigerator and stove, drive home, have a phone interview at 4pm, bake muffins, take picture of year old eating a muffin, put kid loaded on sugar to sleep, pass out. We are not heavily religious but please if you are pray for us. If you are not keep your fingers crossed at 11pm and don't un-cross until 1pm ... Take a long lunch.
I am afraid that tomorrow I will have no time to post, watch 20 post by midnight tomorrow, but leave a comment and I will read it.

I was packing books and albums today and came across THE baby album. A very timely find. I had fun seeing my 1 year old as a newborn. There are so many things you tend to, for the most part, forget but that pop right back into your head if you come across a keepsake. Like the capped positive pregnancy test reminds you of waking up at 5am to pee and waiting for 5 minutes while falling asleep on the toilet then climbing into bed and waking up DH with cold feet pressed lovingly into his butt. Those newborn pictures reminded me of a tiny baby that slept a lot and stayed where he was put. Now my year old crawls, the few steps are repeated every blue moon, and babbles and knows how to sign 'more', also once in a blue moon, and nothing else. He makes car noises while driving his car, waves, and gets ridiculously happy if I come back after a long absence. When he sees us eating he will stand at the edge and mooch, play fetch, and run around in circles, yes this is a human child and not a dog, we get confused too.

Basically I love the little rascal that for the past hour has refused to go to sleep or be left alone in the dark. Ah parenthood, thank god it happened to me.
Ha, bad mother, bad!
Just herd baby hiccup so went in to dark room with water cup. First tried to make mom, who was holding baby, drink. Then made almost asleep baby cry by taking away pacifier. Poor kid, he has an inept mother. I make me laugh.

Oh one more thing and I promise I am done. We put Baby V to sleep and he start to complain, we decided to see if he would go to sleep on his own. My smart little baby then howled 'Papa' (dad in Russian). DH shot out of his office, knocked down Teacher of the Year, and barreled into nursery cooing, 'yes my precious you said baby, no go to sleep'. Priceless.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Let the tomato flinging begin!
So no weight loss at all, nothing, zip, zero. I think my weight loss plan had a fatal error, no exercise. I did not anticipate that with a bad back good old pilates, walking up a hill, situps, etc were out of the question. How was I to know that getting out of the 'mermaid' pose would require a team of chiropractors and a shot of morphine. What makes this worse is that the wicked expensive prescriptions do NOTHING! I might as well take free sugar pills.

The only good thing to come out of all this is that I now get to claim the middle of the bed. Because the mattress sports a slight elevation in the middle I get to claim that sleeping there makes me hurt less. The excuse has actually worked 2 night in a row, DH has been banished to the edge!

Also I have discovered how good it is to be right after and un-named somebody yells at you or being wrong. The right to an apology and a diamond is exhilarating.


Friday, November 25, 2005


On Thanksgiving morning 'Teacher of the Year' went home. DH, Baby V and I spent the day playing napping and enjoying our family. I was a bit worried about getting DH up in the middle of the night to calm Baby V he had obviously lost some practice while 'Teacher of the Year' was here. I woke up around 2 am to the sound of silence. I got worried at around 3 am and went to check the breathing. Counted 1000 sheep and was finally able to sleep. At 7 am the neighbor's dog barked up a storm. Baby V made not one beep and DH shot out of bed to check the breathing. Of course the checking woke up Baby V. He got a change and a bottle and then ... Went back to sleep for 2 hours. At 9 we woke up to the sound of Baby V working on a nice poop.
13 hours people. No waking up and winning, no screaming for bottle, just a sleepy sigh here and there. Even with all my sheep counting I was able to get enough sleep to be reasonably alert this morning. I even have a pot roast in the oven.
This night has led us to believe that 'Teacher of the Year' snores very loudly and Baby V was catching up on sleep after and exhausted week.
Figuring on only one nap I sent the boys off to walk near the ocean. Baby V was wrapped up so much you could barely make out the cute little face. Obviously they got home at 12:30 and Baby V was out. I put him in his crib in his snowsuit and opened up a window. He did not even move, just continued sleeping away. Woke up at 1pm and is now taking off my socks. His goal ... To chew my big toe.
PS How was your day of giving thanks?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


My day started out with a perfect little boy waving hello and laughing. Then the angel fell asleep. My mother exploded my favorite casserole dish and I got blamed for it. I don't know about you but when I see a ceramic oven casserole dish on the stove my first thought is that it is standing there and NOT cooking anything. It has NEVER ever occurred to me that someone would use it to cook on stovetop. This is why I did not run screaming to the stove to take it off, wrong, I should have. Of course if I did make my mom take it off she would never believe me and tell me I am wrong and always exaggerate. A good lesson has been learned today at the expense of a $50 ceramic casserole dish. Thank GOD baby V was asleep.

In other news;
DH shaved his head and Baby V refused to recognize him as daddy. Now he delights in rubbing the short hair and laughing. Very Cute. I will upload pictures as soon as I download them.

BTW Jen, in the comments, said something about a state plan for health insurance ... Care to elaborate?

We are moving soon, still no job, but still moving. The only reason we can't back out of the deal is because the bank will not refuse us, it will just recalculate our loan at a higher percentage. So we are shutting the hell up about the job loss and hoping they don't all to confirm and stick us with 7%. Reminds me, not only do I need to pack I need to e-mail Miss EL. See she has been consulting on my behalf and I should really thank her.

The thing that makes me laugh 10 times out of 10 is Baby V wrestling with his teddy bear. He really gets into it. With tackling, body slams, pinning, and tossing over head.

And on Nov 19th, one day after DH became officially unemployed, Baby V took his first 3 steps towards grandma. This is the thanks I get for lounging on the bed, he walks towards grandma. It might have been her shiny cross that attracted him but still.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So I have been on my deathbed ... ummm ... bedrest from Monday on. On Monday and half of Tuesday I had my dad helping out. Before he got fired DH was supposed to be on vacation and therefore caring for me until Saturday when Teacher of the Year arrived. Obviously instead he has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for another job. I was devastated because in my mind I saw myself wrecking any chance of the shot working by running after BabyV and picking him up. That almost happened. On Thursday DH ignored all my requests unless I screamed at him, even made me cry once, it looked hopeless. I found out why about 4 hours after my dad left. At 7pm DH turned to me and asked, 'Where is your dad?' he ignored me because he thought my father was still helping out and I was just being a demanding Diva. True that is no excuse but made me feel better. BTW my dad said goodbye to him but DH just ignored him, he was busy writing a resume for a headhunter.
The biggest test would be the 2am wakeup to give Baby V water and the 5am wakeup to feed him 6oz of formula was still ahead of us. The night time wakeups have always been the most painful for me before and after the shot because at night the muscles relaxed and when I shot out of bed and ran to my kid and picked him up I was ready to collapse from all the pain. So I went to sleep with plenty of dread.
At 2 am Baby V whimpered and then cried for some water. I shook DH (he sleeps like a log) and told him to go to Baby, he rolled over and snored a response. I hit him and shook him again, he tossed the covers and went in. I did not bother getting up.
At 5:45am hungry cried drifting into my subconscious. I was thankful that Baby V gave dad 3 hours of sleep instead of 2 so I shook DH. Nothing. Shook him again. Rolled over. Shook him, hit him, told him to go feed child. Finally he got up told me that I keep waking him up. Stumbled into Baby V's room, stumbled out, got the bottle, started fumbling with the diaper. I needed to dope myself up on more pills so I got up, did the diaper, and while he was feeding Baby V took my wagon of pills. When DH came to bed I started to say something, probably about Baby V being wet, DH cut me off with a, 'Leave me alone', and buried into the covers. I snuggled up to him and said, 'Now I get to pester you for Sex' and promptly passed out. Fairly sure there was no sex ;)
In the morning, after 6 hours of sleep total, DH had the pleasure of waking up and feeding breakfast to Baby V while I was still passed out from the pills. He then transferred my body to the bed in Baby V's room and started his job search again. So far he has been very good at feeding, putting to sleep, changing, snuggling Baby V. I am so relieved.
He has a few more restless nights before Teacher of the Year comes over. By then end I hope he will apretiate what I do everyday and maybe realizes that it is hard work and he has it easy.

I also saw my Dr. Back to discuss the massive amounts of pain and give me more drugs. We decided that the reason this recovery has been more painful then usual is drugs. After my first injection I was taking something 100% stronger that my body was not yet used to so the pain was less. This time I just started a small dose of a new drug and I wasn't sure if I could even take it after the shot and therefore got to experience everything with a clear head, clearly not advisable.

For some good news. We can't get out of buying my dream home! So even though we have no income we still get a nice new house but not the furniture. I am a bit worried about the income thing but I believe that I have a brilliant husband that will get us out of this.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Worst Day Ever

Well look at me, 3 posts in one lousy day. As of 8:00pm this has been the worst day ever for me and I am going to indulge in some bitter ranting because the sunny disposition in real life is a drag.
1)DH lost his job
2)Because of 1 we can no longer buy my wonderful 2005 3 bedroom house that I have already furnished in my head and had 4 kids in.
3) The steroid shot has so far been the worst out of the three I have gotten. Before I had only pain during transitions now I am in pain all the time. Right now 12inch needles are piercing through my body and it sucks! I can not unbend when I stand. And surprisingly enough I have HAD to stand to help dad because of DH frantically searching for work.
4)We still have to move out of here because our lease is up and they already have a contract with a new renter.
5) My pretty house, my perfect little house people! The guest bedroom in blue. Dh in the basement with all his toys.
6) I will likely have to have surgery and we have no cheap insurance very soon, so not only can I have to wait and 'suffer' but Baby V can not get sick.

Feeling very sorry for myself and miserable. Sorry to burden you with this but my family tends to leave me in the bedroom with the kid getting into electrical outlets while they chat in the kitchen.
I WANT MY MOMMY and you my internet.
SOB :)


Yup Fired.
Goodbye House, I loved you like my own.


What do you call a company that:
1) Waits until first day of Vacation to fire you
2) Waits till you are 15 days from closing on a dream house to fire you
3) Is so evasive on the phone that you know they will fire you
I call it DH's ex job. Or soon to be ex job. He is at the office right now for a 20 minute chat about something but at the same time nothing. I blame the manager that DH actually picked to be manager, talk about ungrateful s.o.b.

The worst part is that I can't even get up to be mad. Had my injection this morning and am in a lot of pain, so doing bedrest.

Write more after we know for sure

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Changing Table

Found on Changing Table this morning:
Spice Bottle of Curry Flakes
Dead cell phone
Screaming child
No diapers

You do realize that I think up of hundreds of clever posts in my head before falling asleep and then forget them by the time I get my hands on the keyboard, right?

So I am sleeping and dreaming of a woman screaming, screaming, screaming. I slowly wake up but the screaming continues. I lie there denying the screaming because my child does not scream, he whimpers and we're all right there. Finally my brain processes the noise and I shoot out of bed (regret it instantly as I double over from pain) and rush towards my poor horse baby. I stop by the kitchen to get the bottle of water because nothing calms child like knowing that he will not be getting formula at 2am. Not finding the bottle I figure DH took it in already. Take crying screaming baby and try to soothe while searching for the bottle, no such luck. The baby continues crying and the bottle remains hidden. The screaming continues. The search takes us all over the apartment, because DH could have left the bottle in the bathroom or something. The screaming continues. By this time I am a 100% sure that DH has put into his ears one of those thingies that blocks out sound because OH MY GOD THE SCREAMING!
So fully awake and needing to go to the bathroom I put Baby V in his crib (still screaming) and search for a pacifier to replace the one he threw across the room in his rage. And there, in the corner is the full bottle of water. Say it with me people, WHAT THE F%*#$! Quickly I scoop up child, plug him up with bottle, he shuts up, put him in crib, he falls asleep, I go to bathroom. Please explain to me the logic of putting a bottle in the crib when never before have we EVER put a bottle in the crib. Furthermore isn't this the sort of thing you wake up your wife and tell her?

Will post more after I am bedridden after third shot of steroids.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


It happened AGAIN! The chair went 'woosh' but this time did not pin my baby under. Baby V landed on his butt and the chair made a big noise! Then of course everyone cried for 30 minutes. We need sturdier chairs or at least a babygate around each one.

P.S. This is Baby V sitting in a pile of cherios. The Q. is; the floor, is it clean enough?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Sorry Everyone! I know the posts have been sparse lately but I have been busy and tired. I will now proceed to make it up to you with a long post containing as much stuff as I can fit into it.
First of all I would like to publicly thank Miss MS Canada for sending us the green outfit and the wool socks, I love it all now that fall is here. Baby V likes the pockets on the jacket because he can pull that stuff on his pockets. He is a bit more involved with the wonderful socks but he does not like to wear them, he likes to play with them as soon as he pulls them off. So Thank YOU for being so wonderful and getting us a great present. By the way she is also coming down for Christmas to stay with us and I am pleased as punch to have an extra pair of hands. She is truly great and we can’t wait to see her and to show her off to you people.
I also have to thank Jen from Not Calm (linked on right) for her comments in this blog; the last one did make me feel much better. I read it right after Baby V slammed his head into the door and then the floor without any help or intervention from me. So now he actually has bumps on his forehead and looks a bit like the monster of Frankenstein, guess we won’t need that pirate costume after all.
Also have to respond to SC’s comment about her husband, who btw rocks the kitchen and grill. You see he actually knows how to cook without setting the house on fire or ruining good pans. The last time my DH tried heating up soup we wound up throwing away the pan and airing out the kitchen for 2 days, I hate to think what would happen if he was in charge of dinner. I like to cook, and usually his fussiness results in nothing more then … well … fussiness. I don’t give him options and after the complaining he still usually eats, but it would be more satisfying if he shut up in the first place. Still I love to read comments so THANK YOU! J
Baby V has been on a little rampage lately, although I am not sure that would be the right word. Let me tell you of his accomplishments. He can now open the door to the bathroom and go in. I have seen him fidgeting with the knobs but I thought we were still a long way off before having to barricade doors, guess I was wrong. He can kick off his tray when in the highchair; this gives me mini nightmares as well as mini heart attacks. No more leaving him to eat while I smoke a joint and drink a bottle of whisky (j/k). He has also started to play house with me. This involves him sitting in his room with the door almost closed, I knock, he opens the doors, I say something, he closes the door, repeat as necessary. Rather fun but time consuming and I am running out of new things to say to the kid. The game ends with me usually announcing myself as the police and tackling him to the ground. Like I said, fun. Baby V has also been a bit more whiney then usual and we think this is because he is cutting his fourth tooth, you can make it out when he opens his mouth but it has yet to cut through a thing layer of gum. Poor kid!
As many of you know we have jus experienced HALLOWEEN! This would be the first one that Baby V saw and let me tell you, he saw nothing but his red pants! We did not get a single trick-or-treater! Not a single one passed the house; I know I was glued to the window! I am so mad! Mostly because I now have 2 bags of candy that I will feel obliged to dispose of. I sent most with my dad to Boston but I still have some left. This is what I need to analyze, I had the perfect opportunity to be candy free and yet I, like a rodent, hid some away behind my cheeks and in the cupboards, WHY?
This leads me to my next story. On Tuesday I did not eat Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, I ate CANDY! A whole day filled with chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel! So my evening was spent in the bathroom with a magazine. It was not pretty! On the upside I got my DH to spend a good hour with V and managed to leisurely read through ‘Better Home and Garden’. Every Cloud has a silver lining. When I came out I found my DH eating candy and my baby sitting on the floor surrounded by cheerios and happily snacking away his Dinner. Evil Candy! I will now go and have a few more pieces.
Oh and the landlord showed up telling me that he will now begin to ‘show’ our apartment. This is going to be tricky because I am NOT cleaning the living room and am certainly not wasting my time on the bathroom. He would be better off showing the place after it has been deserted.
And Now Enjoy the pictures