Sunday, February 26, 2006

Previous Photo

Anna in the previous post there is a photo of my son lying down after walking for 30 minutes. He decided that walking was overrated and decided to lounge about watching cars drive by. He was also very involved in playing with the chain around the fence and to do that he had to stay on his tummy, or so he explained to me. Here is another picture from that day. Notice how the arms are resting on his back and his entire body hunched forward. You can't see his face but I promise you he is gorgeous.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Friday was a very busy day for me. I must admit I handled everything wonderfully and multitasked like a pro. Now if I could only remember everyone's birthdays I would be all set.
Let me re-cap for you the hour that V decided to sleep.
I put V down for his nap, put the water to boil for soup, loaded the dryer and washer, put the beats into the boiling water, took a shower, cleaned furiously for 30 minutes, put in the rest of the soup ingredients, unloaded and reloaded the dryer and folded clothes. All this in one hour. I am a genius.

V is taking only one nap now and it is killing me. He only sleeps for an hour and a half tops and is complainy and whinny by the evening. I tried putting him down for two naps but he cries his head off and refuses to sleep. He tries to sleep through the night but usually wakes up at 4am soaking wet because his diaper could not hold everything in. I hate his diapers, anyone know any good ones in big sizes?
We have gone off the bottle and now only drink from cups. I was super excited this week to give those bottles a final boiling water bath and put them away. The pacifier is next on the extinction list and I dread the tantrums that await me. When is the next long weekend?
V is also cutting two new teeth on the top, might explain the runny nose, but not the cough. So we have a total of 6 teeth now, not too many for 16month old.
We speak Russian around V and yet his first semi word is, bubble and duck in ENGLISH. Semi word means that the sounds he makes sound a lot like bubble and duck. I blame 'Teacher of the Year' who insists of using English words to describe things but talks Russian. If we could just all get on the same page the kid would not be so confused.
V has also been on a path of destruction lately, so far we have 2 very expensive victims. One is a $50 thermometer that didn't need to be stuck into anywhere, and the other is our $80 baby monitor. Love the kid, hate the expense.

I have been reading Not Calm and loving it. I keep thinking of clever comments to leave but end up either forgetting them by the time I reach a computer, or typing them out and seeing how absolutely dumb they are. So Not Calm would you like to have dumb comments on your blog or no dumb comments and the knowledge that I worship at your busy feet?


Oh and when do the kids realize that the weekend is a time to sleep in late? When they go to school right?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

::Smiley Face::

Jen it is good to be back. I am trying to catch up on my blog reading. So much great stuff has been happening with the people I love to read that it is mind-boggling.
And Anna I was not getting lazy, I was feeling overwhelmed and not in a blogging kind of mind set.

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE My new chairs and table are from there and I am in love. I think I will do most of my shopping there; one problem is that I am not allowed to do ANY shopping.

I need ideas for a centerpiece for my table. Any ideas?

Baby V (or is it Toddler V now?) is sick. At first I thought his runny nose was just teeth coming it (still only have 4 at 15 months) but it is a cold. I know because I now have it as well. I blame DH; he too is sick, and his stupid ‘commute to’ work.

I am also looking for mom and me type of clubs in our area but the closest one is 20 minute drive and is not returning e-mails.

Got to go, V slept for 30 minutes and is calling me. Oh and another clue as to how poorly this child is feeling; he is hugging me, voluntarily. The kid is out of his mind with the cold.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finally a post

I am settled in, but not completely. To be perfectly content I need to have a new sofa, a daybed, and so much stuff we will never be out of debt. I like it this way. I even got around to taking care of myself. After I found V a pediatrician who accepted out health care and was close by (trust me not an easy thing) I got myself taking care of. I have a consultation in March with a surgeon; we’ll talk all about slicing me open. So heads up I will be in Boston in March.
I love our new house, the kitchen alone makes me very happy but then I see the bedrooms and melt inside. It is a bit of a hassle to go anywhere but I sort of like staying in all the time. The child loves this house! He loves the freedom of running from his room, down the hallway, through the living room and into my arms. I love him.
I like being sort of normal. For about 2 years my husband and I spent a LOT of time together. He worked from home and would harass me about breakfast, lunch, dinner, his underwear on the floor, the two plates in the sink, etc. Now he goes to the office like any other normal human being and I must admit I like it. No harassing! We even manage to have blissfully happy weekends. V loves seeing his dad Saturday morning! He turns all giggly and smiley. I try very hard to NOT miss that moment.
Teacher of the Year also comes down on weekends. V loves her too. He loves her more then me. He hugs her and calls her ‘momma’ and eats everything she puts in front of him. He ignores me the entire weekend if she is there and I like the break. I have his love the whole week so I can give it up on the weekends. Oh I cried a lot the first weekend it happened but then I saw the silver lining to it all; guilt free shopping.

V is still not talking but he is doing a lot of pointing. He can point to things like, lamp, dog, cat, clock, cow, elephant, and car. And he still refuses to say ‘papa’ and it drives DH crazy. He can run now, but saves it for special occasions, such as running into traffic when out on a walk. He plays ball with me, and occasionally kickball. Very amusing. He has a sensitive back and laughs mightily when I tickle him or give him a back massage. He gets in and out of the bathtub all by himself. He knows when to go to the changing table and ask for his pacifier (only when there is a dirty diaper). When tired he puts his hands behind his back and walks leaning forward. He brings me books to read and immediately settles into my lap. V can blow a kiss but I have to do something extra special for that kind of attention. V loves blueberry waffles. He washes his own hands and face after meals. His favorite animal is a cow because he can say ‘moo’ while pointing to it. He loves his three stuffed bunnies and one black dog that Angie gave us. V knows a lot of sign language (according to me) and it makes the day that much easier. I love him so much it hurts. I think I have saturated you with V information so I end this paragraph.
On the 25th of February we are going to get 3 very special visitors. Angie, Hans, and Lukas are coming down for the weekend. My mother is coming too and has offered to baby-sit the boys while we go out to eat, but I just don’t know about this. We have thought about giving the boys a bath together, but I am worried that V will turn out to be a bath hog and push Lukas around. The two may be the same height but my chubby boy outweighs Lukas. Lukas is a lucky boy; he will be lean boy all his life. I hope that we get a new couch before they arrive so we can great them in style.
I promise to try and be better at posting. Only try. No guarantees.
Love you.