Friday, January 13, 2006

Mr. Clean

I have been postponing posting anything because I was waiting to download pictures to show you how cute my son really is, but no more.
Cute things Baby V does:
Imitates Grandma and cleans the house (only as high as a countertops) with a wet paper towel. He will take his towel and wipe all surfaces within reach, turning the tissue over and over. It is very cute and makes Teacher of the Year stop harassing me to clean.

Baby V calls Daddy 'Mamama' although we KNOW he knows how to say 'Papa'

He will chew through plastic and wood if he thinks there is an edible apple on the other side

He hugs, and sends air kisses

He can breath and smile and eat, and just be and it is the cutest thing in the world.

Things I do that are not cute:
Eat 3 breakfasts and then tell people I want to loose weight
Not keep up or comment on my favorite blogs

Things that keep me up at night:
DH's coughing
The idea of living ALONE while husband works 2 hours away


Thank you Beth for your fantastic comment on the previous entry

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year!
It is the year of the dog.

Sorry about being gone for so long but it takes SO much time to travel back and forth between houses, host guests, AND have a new house to decorate.

Let's start out with Baby V. He is walking! Has been for a month. Just round and round the circle, or oval, or rectangle. He loves the new house because he has SO much room to roam, the only downside is that I don't let him on the stairs in new house yet. He can point to his nose if asked, and says moo when looking at a cow. He is still obsessed with Cars and sometimes even says 'car'. My parents have a cop living near him that turns on lights for V and we LOVE him. He can stare for HOURS at planes landing. He says 'mama' but so far I am not the only mama but I am the only MAMA. I can't believe how much I love him. I think you all know what I am talking about, my little baby is not so little anymore.

Now on to my DH. He has found a job in, wait for it ... Woburn MA. So he will be renting a room in Woburn while I am living in CT. I am actually sort of anticipating the total freedom of a week without taking care of two boys. It will be so much fun if my DH will come home on weekends, like a party. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

We had Miss MS from Canada for Christmas. I think that was the best time for me in a long time. She is a dream with children and was a big help to me. That one week we had three course dinners, plentiful breakfast and all that. Beside all that we let Baby V out into the snow and found the best Chinese Buffet in the world. I am so sad that MS is gone. I miss her terribly and not only because she helped lugged Baby V around. Hope she comes back to visit once I have completely decorated the house and thrown Slava out to Woburn.

New Year we met with a whole lot of people. Get ready for a slew of abbreviations. Miss EL with her boyfriend, Mrs AM and MR RM, plus some people I don't know how to abbreviate. We played games, drank alcohol, and had an absolute blast. At 11 we went to a bar and had champagne toasts. DH danced so much and so wildly that the bouncers had to tell him to tone it down. I loved it so much, although my back prevented me from dancing with EL and AM, well the bump and grinding part of dancing. Some guy tried to come on to me but I had to tell him I am married but flattered and he apologized and kissed my hand. So all in all I had a very GOOD time. Baby V however channeled DH all night he woke up a lot and screamed and danced, but I wasn't there.

So I don't know how often I will be able to update often, but probably once a week is a given.

Have to go now.